Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Truex.org is a website about various hipster things on the interwebs, ranging from Ad design critiques to poking fun at off-message right-wing protest signs. The postings are sporadic, but worthwhile.

The older posts contain writing samples. I especially like this one:
"Vinegar and Existentialism

April 8th, 2007

On a whim I bought some salt and vinegar flavored potato chips. “They can’t be that bad,” I thought. “People eat these all the time.” I didn’t actually try them until later that evening. The first chip went in my mouth and, though initially tasty, left a strange and chemical aftertaste in my mouth. Not entirely pleasant, that was, and I looked down at the package in my hands and decided that I should either give them away or through them out or something.

Instead, I ate another. It was just as strange as the first, and made my face pucker slightly. It almost stung, or rather tingled as if there were an active ingredient other than flavor. Picture me standing there, in front of the cupboard, asking with each chip just why I was subjecting myself to this. They were horrible! And yet I ate. Abominable! I had another. Each bite was accompanied by a silent questioning of my very existence. Why was I doing this to myself? Oh god, oh god.

Ten chips in and I realized that existentialism tastes like a salt and vinegar potato chip. I’ve yet to come to terms with this."

I myself eat existentialism all the time.  Sometimes I bust out chopsticks, so that my mouth feels the pain but my fingers don't get dirty.  If were felling clever or long-winded I would think about some corollary to the extended metaphor, but instead, I'll just stop. I digress.

The author remains elusive yet specific. He describes himself as, "My blood type is B+, I was born in the lunar year of the dog, and one time when I was a kid I had a blood vessel in one of my eyes blow out due to some medication for an infected ear. That was fun."

(From a fake newspaper)

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