Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience is a commercial movie trailer on

According to Buzzfeed: "Steven Soderbergh's upcoming film The Girlfriend Experience has been getting a lot of buzz lately, partially because it's the mainstream debut of adult film star Sasha Grey, an attractive lady who is sometimes naked." They're so gentle with their understatements and quasi-euphemisms.

Hulu bills the premise of the movie as: "A high-priced call girl works on solidifying her economic future while her live-in lover seeks success as a personal trainer."

The FABLife explains more about why exactly Sasha is famous:

"On the x-rated screen, she’s known for asking to be punched in the gut while performing fellatio.

To top it off, she’s a total nerd, and named herself in honor of Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Grey. Needless to say, we’re all a bit obsessed with her. In fact, her only flaw seems to be that she’s engaged to a photographer named Ian Cinnamon."

This is all a little bit weird, right?  I mean, media is pretty saturated with sex, but this is outrigh porn going mainstream. There it is. Handbasket and all. 


(PS: Is that a diaper?!   From Buzzfeed)

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