Monday, April 20, 2009

Ban Comic Sans

I think I missed the memo but it might be Ban Comic Sans Week. 

I'm getting a lot of suggestions from everyone about it. First there was a college humor video. Back from last year

Then the Wall Street Journal (whoa) got in on it, making Page 1 of April 17th. The Boston Phoenix had earlier claimed it's NOT FUNNY.

And of course, to top it off there is a BAN COMIC SANS website.  The site calls for the eradication of Comic Sans from the face of this earth, and in doing so strives, "to ensure that future generations will be liberated from this epidemic and never suffer this scourge that is the plague of our time."  

There was a time when I could readily agree with such bold claims. Truly, I would postulate, it is the greatest plague of our time...  without having to weigh it against the severity of Vanocomycin-resistant Enterococci. Still, Comic Sans probably wins. Probably. 

(From TJ, Guy, Justine )

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Tao said...

It has been banned here for some time.

It serves as a form of encryption, if it is in comic sans, I won't read it, so it's as good as secret.