Friday, April 10, 2009

Extract (Teaser Trailer)

Extract (Teaser Trailer) is the trailer for the upcoming Mike Judge movie, "Extract." Mike did "Office Space" in 1999, which is probably the only good thing he's ever done, other than attend UCSD.  I really like both those things, so I'll give this a shot.  

According to MTV, "Judge envisions 'Extract' as an evil-twin sequel to 'Office Space,' but now it's the boss who has a bad case of the Mondays. 'He's the owner of a company that makes vanilla extract and orange extract, and that kind of thing. 'Office Space' was sympathetic to the employees, and the bosses and the managers were the a--holes. This one is sympathetic to Jason Bateman's character as the owner, and all the employees are the a--holes. ... It's another workplace comedy.' "

There you have it. 

(From BuzzFeed)

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Jack Brummet said...

Office Space was great--but I also liked Idiocracy a lot. I'm willing to give him a shot on extract.