Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Transparency: How Much Water Do You Use?

I swear I'm not posting this just because it's anti-meat propaganda, but I will admit I was secretly happy to see that beef = a horrible horrible waste of water. //

Transparency: How Much Water Do You Use? is Good Magazine's article by Fogelson-Lubliner on how to reduce your water footprint. It includes direct water usage and virtual water usage (the water used to make the things you eat or consume). Fogelson-Lubliner points out that the "difference in the amount of water it takes to produce a pound of chicken and a pound of beef is enough to fill almost two whole cars."

I'm much more of a tea person myself, and it just made me happy to see that tea is better than coffee.  Although it made me sad to see that wine is worse than beer.  The only beer I really like is Karl Strauss Woodie Gold (as opposed to most wines).  Oh San Diego, I miss you. 

(From Kottke)

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Guy Danus said...

awesome chart! go vegetarians saving the world once more! :D

i'll take my shower twice as long as a reward, tyvm.