Friday, March 14, 2008

Amateur Surgeon: the game

Amateur Surgeon is an incredibly addictive game from the Adult Swim website.

A pizza delivery boy performs back-alley surgery on miscreants and vagabonds, utilizing tools such as a pizza cutter as a scalpel, a Zippo lighter as a cautery probe, and staples as... staples.

The game becomes more fun after you start using shortcuts, (like using the keyboard numbers instead of the mouse to switch between surgical instruments) and after you get the hang of the corkscrew-anesthesia. For all the neurotic perfectionsts, you can go back later to try and improve your surgery grades (raise those D's and E's to A's).

Most exciting of all, they just opened the File 2 section of the game, which includes neurosurgery and more! File 3 is still "coming soon."

(From mefi)

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