Friday, March 21, 2008

The Shining Trailer, Recut

Ah yes, this internet classic. Back in 2005, Robert Ryang, then 25, was film editor’s assistant at P.S. 260, the post-production house with the dubious distinction of most annoying website on the intertubes today (not to be confused with the actual public school in Brooklyn).

Ryang entered and won a contest by the New York chapter of the Association of Independent Creative Editors. The contest asked budding editors to re-cut a trailer for any movie, provided the trailer was made into an entirely different genre than the original movie. Only the sound and dialogue could be modified, not the visuals.

The result is a brilliant take on Stanley Kubrick’s chef-d'oeuvre, “The Shining,” (1980). The horror film starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall became a feel-good family comedy, resplendent with Peter Gabriel's jangly-guitar ditty “Solsbury Hill."

The best part of the trailer is the final voice-over title. "Shining!" So warm and happy.

Ryang's trailer enjoyed its share of Internet-meme super stardom, and spawned a series of mash-ups. Seriously, did you click on that? Someone made a whole website devoted just to mash-ups. Oh Internet, how I love your ridiculous specialization. (Looks kind of forlorn though. Like that home fitness equipment you bought after New Year's that seemed like a totally great idea at the time, but only got used twice? Fatty. Okay fine, maybe that was just me. I digress.)

Ryang still edits, but his last effort seems to be "On the Road with Judas (2007)." He has since dropped of the face of the Internet, likely suspended in limbo, at the communications void where all your Cingular dropped calls go. So much for internet super stardom.

(Source: NY Times)

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