Monday, March 10, 2008

A Map: Area Codes in Which Ludacris Claims to Have Hoes

Ludacris' Alleged Ho Distribution Chart. This is exactly what it sounds like. Strange Maps is a blog devoted to cute and quirky maps—and now this latest entry. It was only a matter of time someone charted Ludacris' telephonic exploits. The author's apologetic note accompanying the map makes this the most awesome thing on the Internet today. Of note in this ground-breaking infographic:

1) There is a ‘ho belt‘ phenomenon nearly synonymous with the ‘Bible Belt’.
2) Ludacris’s ideal ‘ho-highway’ would be I-95.
3) Ludacris has hoes in the entire state of Maryland.

(From Strangemaps via metafilter)

Runner up:
Cool Jazz Guitar ice swizzle stick. I resisted putting this item as today's winner link because it's a lone commercial item. I mean, if I'm going to advertise things, I want a cut. Alas, I am not getting a cut, and it came very very close to winning. Useless? Yes. Gimmicky? Yes. Impossibly rad? YES.

(From Willow, via Clusterflock via kottke)

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