Thursday, March 27, 2008

Most Outrageous Moments

While this isn't meant to devolve into a "things that are funny on TV, but someone now put on the interwebs" blog, we like to live dangerously here at Today on the Interwebs. Hence, today's entry.

Most Outrageous Moments is a show that reminds you of all the funny parts of America's Funniest Videos, but skips over the hours of dull filler. These silly videos are guaranteed to drag a smirk out of the puddle of tears you call your life. And by yours I mean mine. Enjoy these 3 videos!

This first video is a cautionary tale about introducing technology to your elder relatives too soon:

Nothing I write could possibly explain this second video:

Finally, Internet people don't take anything seriously, which is why you should never count on them to help you. Case-in-point, this third video: Tech TV's Chris Pirillo was partly through his 18 hours of continuous, live, tech-help-related Call for Help-a-Thon when one burp sent him over the edge.

The unsuspecting caller (Justin from Madisonville, Kentucky!), tunes in mid-way through the laugh attack and logically gets the impression he (or his home town?) is being laughed at. Justin is audibly offended and confused, while Pirillo progressively makes matters worse.

Here's a partial transcript for those not fluent in chipmunk:
"BWAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAH--I'm sorry, Justin?"
"Hi. ... what can I help you with?"
"Anyway, my question's about uh spam...on the Internet? For my email, I mean? "
" !!! "
"I can hear you... I'm sorry, I've been doing this for way too long. I'm sorry. So you ... you had a question about the Internet?"

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