Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fail: the blog

You can practically hear the GUUUH in this picture. It's from Fail, a new blog devoted to lolcat-style macros depicting spectacular failures. The jury was out for a while there, but the jury is now in: failed is the new PWNED. The best pictures so far on the FAIL blog seem to be pwned macros that have been altered to say 'FAIL' in a desperate attempt to stay current. But they're still kind of funny. We can thank the folks over at 4chan for providing an endless supply of Internet slang.

After viewing a bunch of cutesy fails (Boyfriend Fail, Cycleway Fail, Who Needs Oil Fail) the truly new variations stand out (Pail, Failboat, All Aboard the Failroad), producing, on average, a higher guffaw-to-smirk ratio.

Not everyone is amused. Waxy weighs in unfavorably on the fail meme, stating that the meme is abused as a crutch for inarticulate Internet trolls:
I know many people who make stuff for the web, all of them very passionate about what they do. And every time I see a "FAIL" assigned to their work, it makes me sad. Yes, I know you're trying to be funny. But I'm starting to see a trend away from the funny, and towards the angry, bitchy, or mean. So please, mind yer words.

In other words: FAIL.

(From Wilmar)

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