Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hype Machine

If you haven't heard of The Hype Machine you have been living under a rock.

The site was made in 2005 by Anthony Volodkin. It conveniently aggregates music blog's mp3s in one search-able place. Just type in "Yael Naim" or "New Soul" to see what the latest Apple craze is all about.

The Front Page shows the newest mp3s that have been added to the music blogosphere, and the "Hyped" section shows the most searched for and most blogged about songs & artists.

Though The Hype Machine in no way condones this behavior, if you click on the cute pictures to the left of the results... it will take you to the blog entry which posted that mp3. Half the time the mp3 is still there, ready to be downloaded. Just an alt+click away. This is really dangerous. Someone should lock up the interblags and disallow such outrageous behavior.

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