Friday, March 28, 2008

Awful Plastic Surgery

Awful Plastic Surgery is a blog devoted to showcasing the good, the bad, and the ugly of celebrity plastic surgery. As far as website designs go, (APS) has been hit with the ugly stick. Repeatedly.

Actually, let's not mince words: it's been bludgeoned by a whole forest of grotesque sticks on its congenitally-deformed face. I guess it takes one to know one and indeed, ugliness this website knows.

But the content is fabulous. If you're wondering why a certain celebrity is looking a little bit off lately (or chronically), this is the go-to place. The author offers snarky opinions on what was probably done, complete with before-and-after comparison pictures.

Highlights include any entry about Tara Reid. Her stomach is so awful it warrants a disclaimer explaining the picture is not photoshopped: "her stomach really does look like rubber when it is in motion."

From the pithy captions you learn that bad boob jobs can occur when you don't have enough skin to hide the implants, as they will look like "the halves of a cantaloupe stuffed into the chest," and "there's going to be a big gap in the middle that you can drive a truck through." After browsing through its catalog, the savvy reader can spot a botched blepharoplasty, lip-collagen abuse and ridiculously rhinoplastic noses. It's like a free plastics fellowship without the hassles of "going to med school" or "learning"... A+ internet!
1. Bree Walker 2. Jocelyn "Cat Lady" Wildenstein 3. Michaela Romanini 4. Joan Rivers 5. Kiss Guy 6. Wacko Jacko

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