Saturday, June 14, 2008

2008 Design Trends

2008 Design Trends is an article on designer Nick La's site Webdesignerwall. (Nick also runs N.Design Studio and Best Web Gallery.) The 2008 Design Trends article very appropriately showcases current trends for webdesigns. (Duh.) If this had been filled with photography instead of screenshots, this piece would have been a photojournalism piece. So that makes it a screenshojournalism piece? I digress. Here are a few of my favorites:
Knox County site website for weddings and events.

Red & Blu, a Belgian clothing company. Neat pictures, takes FOREVER to load. Includes retro and wood texture.

A UK junior middle management recruitment site. Yay paperclips.

Web design and marketing, with that retro look.

Outdoor fitness training site with handwritten notes and faux tape.

A modern personal website including zigzags, collages, and wood pattern!

The lovely zigzag pink Grapefruit Graphics.

Runner up:
Dog vs. Roomba. Just because it's cute. Especially the Maltese and the Norfolk Terrier.

(From PopUrls)

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