Monday, June 30, 2008

But, he's gay!

But, he's gay! is a 14-second fuzzy video clip of Albuquerque, New Mexico morning news co-anchor Cynthia Izaguirre publicly fouling up on ABC affiliate KOAT-TV.  The video was shot back in 2001.  Her co-workers used to play it to station visitors.  Due to the rise of YouTube, the video has resurfaced and garnered Cynthia infamy. 

In it, she introduces the upcoming interview with Erik Weihenmayer, who climbed Mt. Everest despite his inability to see. Women. As attractive.
"Right after the break we're going to interview Erik Weihenmayer, who climbed the highest mountain in the world — Mt. Everest. But (dramatic pause)... he's gay!

I mean he's gay, excuse me, he's blind.  So we'll hear about that."

And oh boy did we.  Dallas News went straight to the source and asked Cynthia wtf:
"Everybody always wants to know: 'What were you thinking? Why did you say that?' What you don't know from the clip is that we had just done a story involving a woman who was gay, and so that was still floating around in my head, and out it popped."
So now you know.  That's what Cynthia is going with. 

Erik was interviewed by the Herald Sun and showed good humor about the situation: ‘‘I was laughing like crazy, laughing so hard,'' he says now of his reaction. ‘‘I couldn't believe it. Gay and blind? They don't really look that similar on your copy.''

Did he just say they don't look that similar?  That man is my hero.  And yeah, the video is old, but so's your face.


Ed said...

Only in New Mexico, man. Only in New Mexico.

W. E. B. Du Blag said...

Seriously Ed, get your people in check. ;)

Solar Stories said...

That is SO funny!