Thursday, June 19, 2008

Search Me

Search Me is a beta search engine that shows its results in a visual, iPod-esque flip-through catalog format. In essence, it lets you sort through results by web page layout. This is especially useful when you're searching for a site that you've been to before.  

The blue slider on the bottom lets you flip through the results, and the icons at the top of the results screen filter them by category (such as "photography" or "business news" or "history"). The wet floor effect reminds you to buy that new iPhone thing, and the tagline "You'll know it when you see it" reminds you of Justice Potter Stewart's definition of obscenity.  Which probably reminds you of what the Internet is for*. I digress.

Search Me is based out of San Francisco and Mountain View, and was founded by Randy Adams and John Holland. They are currently accepting feedback, site leads, and ask that we direct criticism directly to them before posting it on our blogs. (Haha.)

All I need to know is, I searched for awful plastic surgery hall-of-famer Michaela Romanini and one of the top results was a site whose title is "Oops, I messed up my face." Bingo!

(From metafilter)

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