Monday, June 16, 2008

Hanoi Crazy Night Traffic

Hanoi Crazy Night Traffic is straightforward video from Vimeo's v!Nc3sl4s. Vince Slas is a self-described "dutch and french native." Clearly, I think this means he is a clog-wearing Gaulois. It's old but not stale, and it's exactly like it sounds. One would think watching traffic is as interesting as watching grass grow, and in that case, one would be right. It's only interesting because it's significantly sped up.

It's just amazing to watch a functional intersection without traffic lights. The soundtrack is catchy and soothing, and it's just fun to watch the cars not run into each other. The intersection itself is probably somewhat inefficient because the cars have to slow down, but still. Also, bonus points for the integration of Stereofidelic in the opening credits. Minus points for misspelling "traffic." We'll call it even.

(From LS)
PS: Happy Father's Day!

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