Monday, June 2, 2008

Common Craft

Common Craft is a website that explains new technology with paper cut outs. They've been producing short original videos called "Paperworks" since April of 2007.

So far as I can tell the company is comprised of two people: project manager, video editor, and "chief party pooper" Sachi LeFever, and her partner in crime/communicator/idea guy Lee LeFever. They quit their real jobs and started doing this out of their home for hire, and haven't gone under since. Here are a few sample videos:

Common Craft explains Twitter:

I like how they make online stalking via Twitter seem like cordial concern. Ace!

Common Craft explains how I can read the entire Interwebs via RSS readers:

Oh noes!!! He says the Interwebs has problems. (Sadly, he is right.) This video has problems. It's very forceful and a lot less polished than the previous one. Haha. But still helpful. Also, when he said "AAAAARANGE," that was like manicured nails on a long chalkboard. Shudder.

Overall, excellent site. Grade: solid A for harnessing the power of simplicity to break down complexity. And for being scrappy and following your dreams and working out of your home. In 2008, they were a Webby Award Honoree, and I know why. Because they're awesome. Every time your mom doesn't understand how to work the interblags, just send her one of these videos.

(From my butt )

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