Saturday, June 28, 2008

Top Ten Ted Talks

Top Ten Ted Talks is a highlight reel of the most popular TED lectures as of June 2008.  (Previously on TOTI we discussed TED itself.)  I love it when someone else sorts the wheat from the chaffe for me.

I had seen most of these already, but I must admit I'd skipped over Sir Ken Robinson's musings on creativity and the current state of education.  For the most part, I agree with the list.  Jeff Han's talk was my favorite back in 2006. (Though regrettably, the Dave Egger's talk is absent.)

Top 10 TED Talks of all time:
1. Jill Bolte Taylor: "My stroke of insight"
2. Jeff Han: "Touchscreen demo foreshadows the iPhone"
3. David Gallo: "Underwater astonishments"
4. Blaise Aguera y Arcas: "Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo"
5. Arthur Benjamin: "Lightning calculation and other 'Mathemagic'"
6. Sir Ken Robinson: "Do schools kill creativity?"
7. Hans Rosling: "The best stats you've ever seen"
8. Tony Robbins: "Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better"
9. Al Gore: "Fifteen ways to avert a climate crisis"
10. Johnny Lee: "Creating tech marvels out of a $40 Wii Remote"

Aside from this, the Interwebs has been kind of boring lately. C'mon Internets, pick it up!
(From Boing Boing)

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