Thursday, June 26, 2008

You License

You License is an Israeli commercial website that aims to connect music artists with people looking to license music.  I'm generally wary of posting commercial sites, but this was fun to browse through, so what the heck. 

You License calls itself an "online music licensing marketplace." They charge a 9% commission, "directly from the artist once a deal has been agreed upon by both sides." It is not a music publisher, nor a production library, nor a purveyor of stock music. The shadowy cabal behind the site describes itself only as a team of music professionals and internet entrepreneurs. Their advisory board consists of Michael Nieves, Wim Reijnen, Miki (Michael) Tunis, Natalia Nastaskin, Esq., Reavis Daniel Moore, and Lior Shamir.

I like the cute little icons. You can search by what type of movie you're scoring, or what type of mood you're in. Or you can search through four broad categories:  'Instrumental' (songs containing music without vocals), 'Complete Song' (ready to be licensed and have already been recoded and mastered), 'Beat' (tracks that consist mainly of a drum beat without instruments or vocals) or 'Ringtone' (musical equivalent of a ringworm).

There are a few duds and a few gems in there. Overall, B+. 
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