Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Planning Wiz

Planning Wiz is an online room and space planner for your house. You choose the room size and put in furniture, floor textures, and labels.  Better than that, when you're done you can save, print, or email the floor plan.  There's a button that is labeled "request quote" though I'm not sure where that quote would come from.  It could be from a secret cabal of contractors, it could be from the punctuation storehouse. Who knows? 

Planning Wiz is mainly advertised as a commercial tool to support,
"consumer decisions in retail and real estate... Prospective buyers launch PlanningWiz from your website to quickly furnish and visualize themselves the space in real-time."
The late 1990's feel of cloying sales desperation is annoying, but the overall tool is fun to play with.  Information about the site is not very forthcoming, other than the site was built by Arxia & TYPO3.  They sport a +40 international phone number, making them possibly Romanian. 

I love the different objects you can place (anything from rocking chairs to small lakes and shrubbery.) Overall: Solid B. (From PopURLs)

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