Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Morning, Internet!

Good Morning, Internet! (GMI) is the latest video creation of that zany Internet film troupe from Brooklyn, POYKPAC (previously featured). POYKPAC consists of Ryan Hunter, Jenn Lyon, Maggie Ross, Ryan Hall, and Taige Jensen. And now Tyler Jackson. posted the inaugural GMI episode on June 16th, and vowed to add one new episode every consecutive weekday for 15 days. (Minus the fifth Wednesday of the month if it falls on a waxing or waning moon, except every other spring season, and then when it rhymes with "weigh" or "neigh".)

According to the site's least concise PR person, the series is a little Anchorman, a little Daily Show, and a lot Internet:
"Once the least popular local morning news show, the Good Morning Internet team has been kicked off TV and forced to continue their show online. Completely out of touch with this new digital age, the Good Morning Internet hosts and producing team continue to tackle a wide variety of show segments, including interviews, weather, cooking, and overly sappy human interest stories. Character backstories and interpersonal dramas bubble to the surface as they come to terms with their new second class status."

GMI is very understated, and strives for that local cable feel. And boy do they deliver. So far they have the following eps:

Episode 1: Low self-esteem. (Embedded above.)
Episode 2: Fuck the homeless. Screw da police.
Episode 3: Under the hill. Tackling issues like meth and ... meth.
Episode 4: Things to fear. Forget fear itself, Colby has feared Muslims since 632.

Obviously, this wins solely on premise because 1) it's about the Internets, and 2) it's daily. Almost.

(From John McCartney)

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