Saturday, April 5, 2008

College Humor (on Your Mother)

Warning: as a direct result of watching this video, your IQ may drop 20 points.

College Humor was started in 1999 by Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen as a means to stay in touch when they attended college. Their site encapsulates and disseminates the spirit of a million trashed communications majors during an eternal state-school kegger. Josh and Ricky then joined Jakob Lodwick and Zach Klein in forming a company, Connected Ventures, which operates 5 sites: College Humor, Defunker, Big Shocker, BustedTees, and Vimeo. (A commendable accomplishment in that it is far more than anyone else has done using fart jokes as a vehicle).

In August of 2006 Connected Ventures was then acquired by InterActiveCorp, a media conglomerate which also operates Ticketmaster, the Home Shopping Network, and search engine failure (I read that on Wikipedia, so it must be true).

College Humor hosts original as well as user-generated content, and focuses on low-to-middle-brow humor. They have yet to top the "Internet Commenter Business Meeting" video, but we'll give them points for trying with this one. A cheated B-, Internets.

PS: Bonus interactive portion of the video! Show this to your friends who work in health care, and watch them squirm at the glove-doffing portion.

(From videosift)

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