Sunday, April 6, 2008

Postcards From Yo Momma

In continuation of yo momma weekend, the blog Postcards From Yo Momma (PFYM) has officially passed the Interwebs notoriety tipping-point (over 207,811 page views) and is thus today's pick for most awesome thing on the Interwebs. PFYM is a repository blog for all the charming yet nutty emails your mother sends you. The site asks,
"Does your mom still have an AOL account? Does she email you her random, yet charming, thoughts on life and love? Does she wish you called more often?"
Obviously yes. Unless you don't have a mother, in which case let me tell you: you should go get one — you're missing out. The best part of the site is the snazzy archive. Also, the fact that all moms sound the same. Also, the fact that I totally got that hair loss email in my inbox last week with minimally different wording. Also that's it.

The one thing that could have made PFYM better would be an embedded search function, though I suppose competent (though inconvenient) googling could fix that. Enjoy these couple of winners:

face book
tell me about face book. do you have a page on it? can anyone look at your page? I am worried about this type of thing.


Turned on computer this a.m and the symbol for Safari, at the bottom, is NO LONGER THERE !!!!!! susan used it yesterday, do you think she has inadvertantly done something drastic? Obviously it’s not life threatening, but when you have a moment, please advise. Heaps of etc. m

Wne you have time...
I want to transfer my address book from Outlook Express to my flash- pin thingy. I have found out how to do it, but how do you “Select all” again?

When you don’t post something to your blog for a few days I get worried but then when you write some of the things you do i am really worried Love you anyways.Mom

It is Official

Due to all my symtoms as of late, the blood test does show elevated FSH which means I am moving on to my next stage of life. Not sure I am going to like it much.
Love Me

Breaking News
The most exciting news I have to offer this morning is that the New Kids on the Block are back together [ALL of them] and starting a tour. Maybe I’ll take you both to a concert. Now I don’t have to take down that poster in the cellar. I knew if I hung on to it long enough, they’d be back! Have a great day!
Love you!

How did this happen?

me: mother?
mom: Hey Jenna
me: Look at you on Gmail!
mom: How did this happen?
me: How did what happen?
mom: How did you know I was on Gmail? and I didn't know it had IM.
me: I am something of a genius, mom.


Remember how you said I should try thigh highs so that my pantyhose wouldn’t show above my hip-hugger slacks? Well, I have been getting very stylish lately—new slacks, with the low waist. New underwear, with the low waist. And thigh highs. You know how a sugar cone looks with a big scoop of ice cream melting over the tops???? Yes, that’s me. I had to come to work with barefeet in my pumps, ugh, to avoid a greater ugh. Just thought I’d share.

I found a word with no vowel
crwth \KROOTH (rhymes with “booth”)\ noun
: an ancient Celtic stringed instrument that is plucked or bowed

gchat from mom

BOB: hi kelly
me: hi dad!
BOB: this is mom
me: oh hi mom
BOB: i don't know how i got in his gmail
me: are you stalking dad to see who emailed him? ew.
BOB: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M NOT A STALKER, IF
oops, i forgot to takt the caps lock o

Hair Loss at 22
It said on Yahoo that hair loss can be caused by iron deficiency among other things that probably would not apply to you. This can be managed usually by eating foods high in folic acid and taking a multi vitamin every day.
Mom xoxoxoxoxoxo

Some of them really do sound like me! The “24 hours and I haven’t spoken to you so I’m worried” one at least makes me feel more normal! I can identify with just about all of them. I know exactly what they’re feeling. We are a strange lot, though, aren’t we?
But, you like getting my emails; they’re chock full of handy information and helpful hints, words of wisdom and words of warning. And love!!!!! Blame it all on love!

Re: love you
Morcel is NOT the correct spelling. ewww - an English teacher is cringing, right now.
MORSEL duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfunny.
However, This will be my LAST letter to you. I am NOT interested in being fodder for some website.
g’bye 4 ever
PS: Go ahead and assume this whole post as [sic] written all over it.
PPS: Go ahead and let's make that valid for this whole blog.
PPPS: Actually, let's make that valid for the entire Interwebs. Thanks.

(From Metafilter, whose Kibbutz finds Amy's Answering Machine much funnier.)

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