Sunday, April 20, 2008


Zombieurl is today's most useless site ever because it solves a problem not yet created: it shortens URLs and adds zombies. For all those times you need a short, zombified URL.

This site is made by Bottlecap Labs, a group of 5 geeks in Portland, Oregon who have way too much time on their hands.

Okay, fine, it is a little useful to have shorter URLs. Let's say, hypothetically, that you visited a site with a ridiculously long url. You want to take a cross country road trip from Zuma Beach in Malibu, California to New York's Times Square. But instead of flying, like a normal person, you plugged that route into Google directions and found out you can drive that distance in 1 day and 18 hours.

Sweet, now all you need is 2 more friends and you all can drive without stopping, surviving only on coffee and nicotine. Again, hypothetically, say you have two friends. You go to give them the URL, but you can't directly link them to the URL because it's too long and the line breaks mess it up. What do you do with this?

You can plug that hot mess into Tiny URL, or Metamark, or Snipurl, and instantly have a petite URL like But that would be no fun. None at all. Hence, Zombie URL!

It shortens AND adds zombies. Check out Zombie URL in action: Google as a Zombie URL.

Tehee. This would work better if the pictures and sound came on sooner, and were less disjointed. Or I had a faster Internet connection. Or not so many people were looking at this site at the exact same time. One of those three.

The point is, you can hide famous URLs so next time some idiot savant Rickrolls you, you can Zombie Rickroll them right back.

As Bottlecap Labs member and author Andy Baio explains, "Put in a URL, send it to a friend, and enjoy. Keep a camera nearby to capture the fun... We're not responsible for emotional scarring, concussions, or heart failure as a result of using ZombieURL."

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