Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ken Jennings Interviews Jeopardy!'s Carlo Panno

Ken Jennings interviewed old-school Jeopardy! writer Carlo Panno for his trivia nerd blog, Confessions of a Trivial Mind. Ken is of course, known for winning Jeopardy! a record 74 times in a row, taking home over $3 million in prize money.

The three-part email interview was conducted in 2006, but Ken lost his emails and only now posted the full transcript. In the first part, Carlo calls Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes a "teetotalin’ bitch."

In Part 2 Carlo discusses quotas, secrecy, and sacking contestants.

In Part 3 Carlo discusses in-jokes, last-minute changes, and how he met his wife. I especially loved this piece of nerd gold, because one of my favorite trivia facts back in high school was that Pepys is actually pronounced Peepz (I shamefully admit to re-titling an AIM buddy-list category because of this):

Once for Rhyme Time we asked for “THE HENS OF A GREAT BRITISH AUTHOR,” looking for “What are Dickens’ chickens?”

[The] contestant said “What are Pepys’ cheeps?” We took it.
Overall, this page has great content in an average site-design context. Ken gets minus half a grade for misplacing his interview materials for two whole years. A-, internets.


Runner up:
Retro-interwebs is totally in vogue. Creators of old, defunct browsers had the "Today On The Interwebs" idea back in 1993. Check out What's New! Keep in mind this was way back when it was almost actually plausible to catalog every new entry on the interwebs. (Almost.) The sincerity and blind naïveté is heart-crushing.

The site explains its own premise: "New information is available every day on the Internet -- how do you find out about it? One way is to start here." The links are mostly broken or dead, which probably improves this page 99%. Don't tell the green dragon though — you just can't argue with a green dragon who is getting pelted with an apple.

(From Metafilter and Kottke)

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