Friday, April 25, 2008

Worth 1000 Words

Worth 1000 Words is a website dedicated to images, text, and Photoshop contests. The site dates back to January 1st, 2002 when it was created by Avi Muchnick and... the Ben Affleck to Avi's Matt Damon, Israel Derdik.

Avi named the site after that overused proverb about pictures being able to quickly convey complex stories (a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore watching TV is like speed-reading War and Peace. Q.E.D. ).

After being laid off as a graphic designer, Avi decided to go to law school. Bored in the 3 months before school began, he came up with the idea for a quality Photoshop contest site, which then ended up consuming most of his time during law school. The site's popularity grew due to its loyal community cultivated around registered users, forums, and regular contests. Contests have now expanded to include photography, text, media, and paid gigs.

Anyone can submit photos to the contests, but shoddily-made entries will be erased no matter how much they like you. Though the site is ironically in need of a re-design, its content is quality. Worth 1000 Words is unabashedly an insult to the field of user interface design. but the pictures are just simply incredible. The galleries and closed contests are fun to flip through, and they are thankfully sorted by best entries first. Overall it gets an A, solely on content. Enjoy a couple of recent favorites.

The winner from the Demotivational Posters Contest #3:
(Because mocking those Successories posters will never ever get old.)

The winner of the Literal Song Tiles Contest #13:
(Duke Ellington would be proud.)

PS: Avi's latest project is Plime, a "Wiki-like" user-editable news aggregator.
(From Wikipedia, Matt Sparkes interview, JD Bliss)

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