Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ironic Sans

Ironic Sans is a blog about things that seemed like a good idea on paper. It is written by David Friedman, a professional photographer and quirky blogger extraordinaire.

At some point David decided that “Ironic Sans” would be a good name for a serif font, as well as a blog. At first glance David's blog title makes you think his is a hyper-specific blog about fonts and typography. Alas, it is not. Or not just. Ironic Sans is generally about quirky ideas (like the titular), though he does insert a healthy dose of funny font humor.

Since his Eureka moment, David has posted more ideas like clothes that come pre-pixelated for reality TV appearances, paintings of descriptions of the paintings, a Godzilla-shaped building to enhance the Tokyo skyline, and "keming," a new term meaning "the result of improper kerning." Interspersed between idea-entries are a mix of personal posts (such as a marriage announcement), and category-defying entries (like the "60 minutes in the life of..." series).

One of my favorite blog entries is the Astoria Notes debacle. Once upon a very long time ago, David lived in a apartment building in Astoria, Queens. His downstairs neighbor, Sophia, took issue with his late-night comings and goings, and complained to him about it in letters. Not notes — letters. Long, loopily-lettered letters. She made careful behavioral observations of what time he goes to sleep, down to the minute, and decided, upon careful analysis, that he walks on his heels. David eventually moved, but not before putting the paper trail on the interwebs for the world to see.

Quality content, quality pictures. Well done, Internets!

PS: I know "loopily" isn't a word. I'm making it one.

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