Monday, April 21, 2008

For One Year: by Harry Chong

For a nanosecond today on the interwebs* this was the 7th most saved link on The premise of this was that, for one year, Harry Chong bookmarked everything on the Interwebs that made him LOL.

Harry compiled his list of lol-links, and then posted it on crap-tastic Internet eyesore site If Internet sites were houses, would have three cars in various stages of disrepair propped up on cinderblocks on its front yard, surrounded by a plantation of broken beer bottles. It's that ugly. is bedazzled with advertisements on every margin, and it claims to pay writers and commenters based on how many times their post is viewed. So far it has been viewed 15,260 times. If this is true, I imagine Harry is on his way to buying a small island-nation right now.

I digress. This is not a post about how ugly is, but a post about Harry Chong's year-worth of links. There's a lot of disappointing crap on the list, so I've condensed it down to the best 7 pictures and 5 links. Here they are, in random order:

Pip, pip! QUICK! Someone give this guy a magnifying glass and a pipe. He'll use them to locate his green checkered hat and opium stash.

Q: Must this really be a picture?

A: No.

! This lolrus is happy because he stole your bucket.

This photo was first taken without the Flash, then with the Flash. Clearly, a vast improvement.

Too bad they couldn't Photoshop out the dorkyness in this photo though. Sigh. I guess it is a camera, not a magic wand.

I don't know why I like this one. I love nonsequiturs. Their chief weapon is surprise.


PS: Eye for an eye doesn't leave everyone blind, it leaves everyone one-eyed.

I wish they could make the little arms shake forebodingly.

Also, I wish I had a pony. Or a home.

Now the links:
Realfield. There is another site that improves Garfield the comic by taking Garfield the cartoon cat out of the strips. This one takes it one step further and replaces it with a real cat. Only this cat looks really professionally stuffed by a taxidermist.

Text funny. The quote Harry liked is currently at #2 most popular. I took a huge Interwebs detour on this site.

Awkward surprise visit. Oldie video that makes you think twice about sharing refrigerators with pubescent teens.

If celebrities moved to Oklahoma, they'd look like your aunt Marge. A gallery of homely-looking celebrities.

Guy fight on the blackboard. Every guy at one point has imagined himself as an awesome fighting cartoon. These guys made their vision come to life.

Grade: B for ...b'okay.
(*according to PopUrl. From Popurl. All jokes by my friend Justin, from two years ago. Justin, please send more. I'm running out.)

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