Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cool Business Card Designs, Part 2

Cool Business Card Designs, Part 2 is a follow-up gallery of awesome business cards by Ivan Raszl from Creative Bits. The cards are admittedly largely impractical, but nonetheless extremely creative. The first gallery was digged 3,850 times and reached over a million hits.

Too bad the economy is tanking, and the jobs you can get likely won't require the exchange of wacky cards. If all else fails, just start handing out cards with those fries. Sigh. Enjoy the highlights anyway!

The tremendous use of white space in this card is refreshing:

Yuka will hit gold when the 80's crimped hairstyle comes back. Oh wait, it's already coming back. Lookout!

Kevin Mitnick was imprisoned for hackery (ok you're right, I did just make that up. Although I'm pretty sure I'm paraphrasing the prosecution.). Now he has a profitable business in security consulting and handing out lock-pick kits disguised as a business card for a fee:
Good stuff!
(From Digg, and Mefi)

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