Monday, April 14, 2008


Have you ever wanted to make your own font? Anybody?
No? Okay.

Really though? Just me huh... Well I'll tell you how anyway. FontStruct is a website that lets you make your own fonts online.

Fontstruct is made by FontShop, a website that conveniently sells digital type. This clever marketing scheme of a website drives up the perceived value of fonts by letting you see first-hand how hard making a pretty one is. But it's so fun that frankly, who cares?!

FontStruct requires you to sign up, which is annoying, albeit circumventable (via the latest Bug Me Not usernames and passwords). Members can rate fonts, as well as leave comments. Because sometimes, rating a font half a star doesn't drive the point home enough. Sometimes, when someone creates something truly horrendous, they need to be repeatedly reminded and beaten over the head with it, so they never do something like it again. I'm just saying, accidents like the atom bomb, dynamite, and Gigli could have been prevented with harsh social commentary. I digress.

If you don't like the commercial aspect of FontStruct, you can check out its free ugly sister, FontForge. What FontForge lacks in beauty it makes up for in wit. According to its FAQ, FontForge's raison d'ĂȘtre is "#7 Everybody wants a font of his/her own handwriting." True story.

(Condensed from Mefi)


Ed said...

Wow. A website about fonts. It's like the mothership calling you home!

kristen said...

I wonder how many hours you spend each day making fonts.

Daniel said...

Me! Me!

Shoot. I need a tablet to make a font out of my handwriting.

W. E. B. Du Blag said...

Hahaha I know right?

I swear I don't spend ALL my time doing it. I mean reading the interwebs is my primary time-waster.