Thursday, April 3, 2008

Popurls + Other SPAs

If you've ever wanted to read the entire Interwebs at once, you can: just click here. Popurls is soooo meta. It was conceived by Thomas Marban, self-described Austrian web-communications maverick who launched Popurls in 2006. This site is a Single Page Aggregator (SPA). It aggregates all the aggregators. It takes the content of all the websites that might have something new and interesting to say and puts them together in one place.

Popurls is not the only SPA on the Intertubes, but it is perhaps the best-designed one. It's spacious yet text-intense. Efficient and pretty. Serious and stylish. The copious amounts of text are broken up by a string of most popular flickr photos, youtube videos, and songs. Though the unpronounceable funky name appears to be a web 2.0 gimmick, it's actually the product of Austria's 3rd largest export: consonants (behind dead composers and gubernators).

The best part about Popurls is if you want more information about a news item, you can hover over a link to read more without committing to clicking on it. The reduction of unnecessary clicking is the site's best asset. Clicking on a link man, that's practically like getting married. Popurls lets you shop around before you commit.

The SPA is far from a new idea. It's what most search engine portals started out trying to do, and is what Yahoo and AOL sort of still are trying to do in their oafish-dinosaur kind of way. Here's a list of other SPAs:
  • 01b: Like an SPA for "deals" and spam. If websites were people, this one would be selling Rolexes out of its trench coat behind a dark alley. I saw an insect and ran away screaming.
  • All Top: Like popurls, but adds one or two clicks to everything you do. Thanks for the carpal tunnel, Guy Kawasaki et al.
  • Original Signal: Looks like Britney Spears designed a site that pulls up the latest nerd news content. Wtf?
  • Popfeeds: Keeps it down to 12 feeds, 2 of which are currently broken. Updated hourly.
  • Poopfeedo: I mean popfeedo. Same as everyone else, but the lists are stuck in glass cages of Web 2.0. That wet floor look is soooooo web 2.0. Did I mention this is a web 2.0 page?
  • The Web List: Exactly like popurls, but with more blue and slashes. Reminds me of grade school ditto sheets.
  • Viral Babble: It's like someone threw hot sand and charcoal all over popurls. Photos, Videos, Social, and Tech news are under different tabs.
So now that you know what's new on the interwebs every day, I can just pack up and go home. Good knowing you all. The end.


Where else am I going to release all my pent-up snarky commentary? See you tomorrow, gentle reader.
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